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"I want to lead the change of the new wave of films in India" - Sid Jain

"I want to lead the change of the new wave of films in India" - Sid Jain

By Devansh Patel, September 15, 2011 - 16:32 IST

The man thinks mad. Ok, let's put it this way - the man thinks out of the box. How about - the man thinks mad, out of the box and trippy. IROCK CEO Sid Jain is hell bent on changing the way movies are conceived and are made in Indian cinema. Talk Ragini MMS and you know what audiences were in for. And believe you me; this man isn't going to just stop here. He's taking imagination to an altogether bizarre level, only for the good. Coming up is IROCK's and Navdeep Singh's Shaadi Of The Dead, India's first ever Zombie movie. Ok, so you know about the film right? Ok ok, how about I tell you India's first ever Zombie comic book 'Bloodfest in Bollywood'. There's this whole Pandora's Box that, if opened, we might just drop our jaws for good. UK's Harrow Observer columnist brings you Sid Jain's out of the box mind and movies. It's a Bollywood Hungama exclusive!

With so many Bollywood movies coming up with the same cliché themes / stories / etc and working at the box office, isn't IROCK taking risks by making genres never attempted in Bollywood?
Risk and edginess is what's going to work with the audiences. Ragini MMS, Delhi Belly are examples. Also, we have the youngest, youth audience in the world. Young people take risks; that's what gives them the edginess and that's what I want to give them, via our films. Risk is fun.

Ragini MMS was a good example of 'out of the box' cinema. And with your zombie movie Shaadi Of The Dead too you're going one step further. Are these safe bets at the box office though?
Very safe and I proved it with Ragini. With all our films, we weave new concepts around familiarity with characters and situations. If its zombie, it's a wedding. With Bloody Veer, we have a very, very solid Indian connect.

How do you describe the word 'edgy' when it comes to the type of movies you are making? Edgy not in genres but content.
Edgy means pushing the envelope in terms of characters, dialogues and visuals. Stretching comedy and sexuality. Talking about things that were forbidden earlier. I think adult content will break through the roof in India, in the next 3-5 years.

With low budget movies considered to be a safer bet, how do you justify Chaand 2013's budget? Will it be a more expensive bet than Ra-One?
More than the budget, I think it's the idea that should be big. Chaand 2013 has huge amounts of unseen on the Indian screen kind of action, visuals, which need scale that is literally, out of the world. The audiences will throng the theatres to see it in 3D stereo. Am supremely confident of the product. If the content compels the audiences to see it with a sense of urgency, irrespective of the reason, films will work. By 2013 a huge amount of digital screens will make Chaand 2013, the most awaited film of that year.

How edgy, diverse and mad can Bollywood go in terms of sex, comedy, gore and action?
Sex edginess will grow slowly due to censorship, but will mature for sure. Gore and action will push the envelope faster and will grab the youth. If you look at the kind of video games today's young kids play, you will know what I mean.

We also hear that you're coming up with the first of its kind vampire movie? Could you throw some light on it?
Sure. Bloody Veer is our next film that goes on the floors in the next few months. It is going to be cool, sexy, fun with a dose of action. We are currently locking the script and will soon announce a very, very exciting cast. It's gonna sweep the nation next year.

Let us know of this new innovative marketing you're doing for Shaadi Of The Dead - a zombie comic.
Too early to comment. We have a marketing genius partner, Ekta Kapoor, so I am not worried.

Are you confident that the different strategies you're applying to take Bollywood places will pay off?
Of course. It's opening doors for new talent in terms of writers, directors and actors. Audiences change faster than we imagine and the results are showing. The Indian film industry is a great platform for talent to bloom and I want to lead the change of the new wave of films in India, hopefully.

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